Roser Group Eurobin cutter bin hoist, ideal for the food industry

Elevators are essential devices in the food industry because they facilitate the transport of food products between different locations in an agile, efficient and automated way. They are reliable, often low-maintenance and easy to sanitise, which is particularly necessary in the food production and processing industry.

Elevators in the food industry  

Bin elevators are used to transport food products from one level to another within a facility. These devices are capable of moving products vertically and with a small footprint in the room. This results in a considerable reduction in the manual labour that would otherwise be required to perform this function. In an industry where it is essential to avoid any possible risk of bacterial contamination, these devices are particularly valued as they help to reduce this risk. As products do not come into contact with each other, there is no possibility of cross-contamination.  

Eurobin Roser Group cutter bin hoist 

The Roser Group Eurobin cutter bin hoist elevator is designed to handle standard 200-litre and 300-litre tanks. Developed thanks to the latest advances in quality, it enables agile and professional operation and prevents the spread of pathogens that could come into contact with the products.  

High quality manufacturing materials

The Eurobin Roser Group cutter trolley hoist is made of AISI 304 stainless steel. This means that it offers high corrosion resistance thanks to its chromium composition, which at the same time prevents rusting. It is non-magnetic and has outstanding toughness, even in situations where temperatures are very low. This alloy is also highly resistant to heat, which makes it ideal for a wide range of applications. On the other hand, it has a great finish and is easy to clean.

Fully adaptable to processing lines 

The adaptability of this device can be seen in how easy it is to include it in a food processing line, or even combine it with other equipment to speed up product transport from one stage to another. For example, it can be parked next to a mixgrind chopper-mixer, making maximum use of space.

The Roser Group Eurobin cutter trolley lift can be used with either the 200 litre Eurobin wheeled tank or the 300 litre capacity tank. Both are extremely sturdy and easy to manoeuvre. Both have a 20 mm diameter handle welded to the top for improved ergonomics and space efficiency. In addition to having a 3 mm tank bottom, they also feature a reinforced top rim, which is solid and continuously welded, guaranteeing total rigidity and the highest hygiene standards. Both are reinforced with a V-shaped, continuous welded support, which increases the strength of the bottom and reinforces the supports of the two main wheels.

Multiple loading heights available 

The wide range of different elevators to choose from makes the Eurobin Roser Group cutter trolley elevator a perfect partner in the meat processing plant. The device can be selected with either left or right-hand position. The loading height is also selectable in four different modes, between 950 and 1450 mm, between 1450 and 1950 mm, between 1950 and 2450 mm and between 2900 and 3400 mm.