Enhanced Quality and Flavor: Brine injectors in action

In the field of the food industry, the process of brine injection has become essential to enhance the quality and flavor of various products. Brine injectors, as specialized equipment, allow for the uniform and precise infusion of saline solutions into meats, poultry, fish, and other foods. However, not all brine injectors are suitable to meet the high standards of this demanding sector.

Advantages of Brine Injection

In addition to improving quality and flavor, this process also helps to extend the shelf life of products, as the brine acts as a natural preservative. Below, we highlight some of the key features of brine injectors.

  • Efficiency and Productivity: The even distribution through 1100 injection points per advancement is especially recommended for pork, poultry, marinades, and seasoned products, improving productivity in large-scale companies.

  • Precision and Control: The head with retractable needles allows for precise and controlled injection of bone-in and boneless meat, with adjustable volumetric dosing for customizable injection.

    Initially, the needles penetrate and reach the end of their travel in the meat without injecting the brine. Once the needles stop and complete their downward travel, the brine injection takes place. Then, the needles retract, allowing the brine to atomize and distribute uniformly in the meat. Finally, the needles exit the meat without any brine loss, ensuring an efficient and optimal process.

  • Versatility and Adaptability: With self-cleaning and static filters, the injector can be adjusted to different products and specific needs. The design and width of the conveyor belt facilitate cleaning and prevent unwanted movements in the meat during injection.

Roser's Brine Injectors

There are different types of brine injectors in the market, each tailored to the specific needs of food producers. Some equipment is designed for high-speed production lines, while others are more suitable for smaller batches and artisanal processes.

At Roser, we propose the OGALSA meat injectors, equipped with an advanced control system that ensures exceptional precision in the product and allows integration with the company's RP management systems, ensuring batch traceability for subsequent analysis.

Their spray injection system is fully adjustable, allowing both pressure and percentage to be adjusted from 10 to 100%, ensuring uniform injection in all types of meat. Additionally, all injectors have a self-cleaning rotary filter, remote connection for diagnostics, and the UP&DOWN system for products with a crust by default.


In conclusion, brine injectors are a valuable tool for the food industry, allowing for the improvement of product quality and flavor while increasing production process efficiency. Their advanced technology and ability to evenly distribute brine guarantee exceptional results that meet consumers' demands and current market quality standards.

At ROSER, we understand the importance of technology in the food industry, and our brine injectors are designed to provide maximum efficiency and quality to our customers.