Tunnel washers and crate washing systems for the food industry

Hygiene and cleanliness are key elements in the food industry. To ensure safe and high quality production, it is essential to use appropriate equipment and systems for cleaning the crates and packaging used in the production process. Crate washing tunnels and crate washing systems are an effective solution to keep the work area clean and safe.

Use of the rotary filter in the tunnel washes

The rotary filter is a key component of the tunnel washer. This filter is responsible for separating waste and impurities from the water used in the washing process. The waste exits through a downspout into a tub where the crates pass through. The crates run along tracks and are cleaned by sprinklers before falling into a drain. Below this drain is a pump with very small slots that rotates to separate the waste from the water. The pump removes the waste and deposits it in a bucket.

This system uses water with an anti-foaming detergent that does not produce foam to avoid damaging the water pumps. In addition, the system has a fresh water inlet to assist in the cleaning process. Water recirculation is an important aspect of this system, as it aims to be environmentally friendly and save water.

Optimal and safe washing for the food industry

The tunnel car wash is a more efficient and safer solution than manual cleaning. It also uses less water than manual cleaning. It is similar to a dishwasher but on an industrial scale. After the washing process, the crates are dried by fans that remove residual water droplets to prevent puddles from forming.

Cleaning area and rinsing area.

The washing process consists of two phases: in the first phase, water with soap is used, and in the second phase, water alone. The second phase is a deep rinse in which the water is discarded, while in the first phase the water is recirculated.


Add a crate washing system to your production process.

Once the crates have been used, they can be sent through a conveyor belt to the washing tunnel to be cleaned efficiently and effectively. This ensures a more hygienic and safer process, while improving efficiency in the production process.

Crate washers and crate washing systems for the food industry are an efficient and safe solution for maintaining the hygiene and quality of food products. With an automated process, time and water are saved compared to manual cleaning, and optimal cleaning without forgotten corners is guaranteed. In addition, the use of a rotary filter system allows water recirculation and efficient waste removal.

Including a tunnel washer in the production process is a way to improve hygiene and safety in the production of food products, while at the same time optimising the production process.