Roser WD Series, hand disinfection equipment with Dyson Airblade

The use of professional hand disinfection equipment greatly reduces the risk of diarrhoeal diseases and respiratory infections such as colds and flu. Hand washing with soap and water prevents the transmission of viruses that are transmitted by contact with surfaces.

Hand disinfection in public places

Hand hygiene is key to ensuring health, and in many public spaces, such as catering areas, or communal canteens of all kinds, it is often not maintained. This extends to cafeterias, food areas in supermarkets, vending machines and other community spaces such as libraries, schools, universities and health care facilities. In addition, hand washing is recommended after using the toilet, touching public surfaces, touching animals or changing nappies. 

Although hand washing is a simple but effective measure to prevent the spread of infectious diseases, it is often not done for a variety of reasons. The main ones are lack of proximity to toilets or excessive volume of people. On the other hand, the hygiene of most toilets is not guaranteed, either because of unsensored taps, push button hand dryers, unsensored access doors, lack of paper and others.

Professional hand sanitising equipment is designed to be both easy to use and maintain, which helps to ensure that it is used both effectively and consistently.

Our solution, a free-standing hand washbasin with Roser WD Series

An autonomous hand washbasin ensures correct hand disinfection with the latest technology. We will now take a look at the different units, all of which are manufactured to the highest quality standards:

Roser WD Pod hand wash basin 

This high quality Roser WD Pod freestanding hand wash is designed to ensure hygiene in any location. It uses Dyson Airblade™ Wash+Dry touchless technology to wash and dry hands without touch, activated by water and air, and dries in just 14 seconds thanks to its high capacity HEPA filter. In addition, it features an automatic soap dispenser with a 5 litre touch-free tank and a 32" LED screen advertising stand for image and audio display. This hand wash basin is completely self-contained and does not require a mains water connection, as it includes both clean and grey water tanks, making it ideal for any public space.


Roser WD Star Hand Washbasin

This innovative freestanding hand wash, Roser WD Star, is equipped with a high quality stainless steel unit to ensure durability. It incorporates advanced Dyson Airblade™ Wash+Dry touchless technology, which allows hands to be washed and dried without contact, thanks to its water and air activation. In addition, its high-capacity HEPA filter ensures drying in just 14 seconds and optimum hygiene. The hand washer features an automatic soap dispenser with a refillable 5-litre tank, which makes it very practical and convenient in public environments. It also has an integrated 27" LED screen ready to display image and video advertising content, making it ideal for commercial establishments.

Roser WD One hand wash basin

This freestanding hand wash, Roser WD One, has been designed for practicality and functionality, and features a high quality stainless steel unit. For hand washing and drying, it uses touchless Dyson Airblade™ Wash+Dry technology, which is activated by water and air without the need for physical contact, and dries in just 14 seconds thanks to its high capacity HEPA filter. It also has a stainless steel hand soap dispenser with a 5 litre refillable tank, making it convenient and practical for use in public places.

Roser Group con Dyson Airblade Wash+Dry

The Dyson Airblade™ Wash+Dry hand dryer uses one of the world's smallest integrated motors, the Dyson V4 digital motor, with a power output of 100W. The Dyson V4 digital motor spins at a speed of 81,000 revolutions per minute, drawing up to 30 litres of air per second through a HEPA filter. The HEPA filter captures 99.95% of bacteria-sized particles in the washroom air.

Airblade™ technology uses sheets of clean filtered air at a speed of 549 km/h to remove water from hands and dry them quickly and hygienically. The HEPA filter is included as part of the package and ensures safe, bacteria-free hand drying. The Dyson Airblade™ Wash+Dry hand dryer has been certified by the Carbon Trust following extensive measurement and assessment of the carbon footprint of its components. This certification makes it the only hand dryer to receive such recognition.

In addition, both the Dyson Airblade™ hand dryer and the Dyson Airblade™ dB hand dryer are the only hand dryers worldwide to be certified by HACCP International for use in the food and beverage industry.