Optimizing hygiene in food processing plants: hygiene stations

The importance of hygiene in food processing plants lies in the cleanliness of personnel hands, footwear and equipment used in the various production processes. 

To address this challenge, hand disinfection, like footwear disinfection, is presented as an optimal measure of production safety. Complementing hand disinfection systems, footwear cleaning actions contribute directly to preventing the spread of microorganisms, a threat that can persist on soles for days. The choice of sanitary step disinfection devices designed according to current safety and hygiene regulations is very important.

The health steps of Roser Group

To optimize personnel disinfection processes, the SANICOMPACT 9KJ sanitary step is positioned as a great solution. Its integrated system performs washing, rinsing, drying and disinfection of hands and shoes in an efficient sequence. From initial washing with automatic soap dosing to sole disinfection by immersion, each phase is designed to ensure maximum hygiene.

Another example is the MHS-4 modular sanitary pass-through, a solution that controls personnel entry and exit. Combining equipment such as the Sanieco Plus sanitary pass-through and a continuous pass-through sole washer, this modular system is easily integrated into various areas of the food industry, ensuring compliance with rigorous hygiene and safety practices.


Processing plant hygiene regulations and certifications

Compliance with standards and certifications is essential when it comes to optimizing safety and hygiene in processing plants in the food industry. These act as indicators of quality and safety, providing a framework that goes beyond basic regulations. At Roser, commitment to excellence is reflected in adherence to these regulations, ensuring that all solutions meet and exceed industry expectations.

Roser Group stands as a reliable partner for the food industry. Our wide range of solutions demonstrates a strong commitment to food safety and operational efficiency. To find out how Roser Group can optimize hygiene in your food processing plant, contact us. We are here to provide you with personalized advice and tailor-made solutions.